Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's my last day at work...

relief? probably... no more markview, item set-up, bnotes, sweeps, premium, tests, dmfs, budget, ppa, cpm, dfc, selection chart etc etc etc...

sad? abit... afterall, i am only human, and human has feelings n emotions...

if there's anything negative feelings, it's the way i have to leave.. but like wat my boss say, don't take it too hard, treat this as an experience.. It's really a once a life time experience and I hope to let it stay this way forever.. hehehe

so much learnt, yet so little gained...

if there's one thing i've learnt, it's the very cliche "Change is the only constant"

Going forward, (My boss likes to use "Going forward....blah blah" in his presentation..)I don't know where I am heading to... but I kinda of looking forward to this break and do all the things i've always wanted to do... the only drawback is no $$$... but once in a while, we all deserve a little let-yourself-go chance right? (too much of Eat. Pray. Love)

My aim is end this holiday by the time Harry Potter is out in cinema.
Let's pray I can achieve this aim.

Meanwhile, let's Eat just enough to survive and Love like a lifetime is not enough..

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

too young to have so much liability n responsibility?

sometimes, it can be tiring...

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010










Recently, a friends approached me and shared her problems with me.. I'm very happy that I was able to be there to listen to her when she needed a listening ear most..

She mentioned about Zen in our conversation, and I feel that she has this misconceptions on it, so I went to read up more on this.

I must say it's too chim a topic for me, but I came across this phrase and I thought it's rather interesting to share with everyone.I raise both my hands n legs when I see this phrase


Many people don't understand Buddhism.. not that I understand it very well, but I strongly believe that it's supposed to be a state of mind and not about chanting or what. If you don't understand what u're chanting, u won't achieve anything out of it.

Even if we don't understand anything about the religion, there's a way of life we should all learn to live by.

Do the best you can, and leave everything else to fate.

To a doctor, he will do to his fullest ability to save a patient. But if it's time for the patient to go, the doctor has to accept this result and not keep feeling guilt over it.

A teacher tries to teach his student all that he knows and in all sort of ways he could, but if the student still fails, he has to accept this outcome.

I'm not a saint and I can't say I always live by what I preach.. but at least it will make me feel happier when I can't get the things that I want..

at least I can say I've tried..


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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

记得有一次,爸爸问我:“你的朋友A 是不是常常欺负朋友B?”





On a lighter note, I've bought my first flat on 12th March 2010!!!
Yeah!! Cheer!!

It's a 5 room flat at Punggol.. so many pple had commented that I'm moving from 1 end of the island to the other.. well, at least we are still on the same island rite.. and how big is this island manz.. anw i'm trying to psycho my mum to move to Punggol area too.. then next time they can take care of my children! HAHA!

Also, I've booked my bridal package.. when I don't even know when I'm getting married!!!
On one hand, I hope to get married in 2yrs time then we can conc on the house renov n stuff... but I know dear wants to go n realise his dream, hence our wedding plan may delay for one year... it's a difficult choice.. but as my colleague said, we shld look at the long term.. so I'll leave that to dear...

In 5 days time, I would have officially graduated from the Bukit Batok Driving Centre for 1 year! Yeah!! I no longer have to put that plate (but I'm still keeping it, just in case my brother gets lucky the 4th time.. or is it the 5th time?) driving have been nice, except for the traffic jams on expressway.. somehow, the jams on the road makes me jittery...

and lastly, I need SHOPPING!!! When I don't know wat to wear in the morning, it's a sign that i need new clothes!!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

This is super cute!!!
They never failed to make me smile when shit slams onto me during work..

Cute rite!!!


I've been rather amazed by my own sarcasm recently... here's my 2 classic incidents where I even surprised myself that I could actually such words..

Incident 1
Place: a foodcentre in Jurong West
Time: breakfast time!
What happened: Went for breakfast on a Sunday morning with family at the food centre. There's 5 of us and the 4 of them went to buy food, so I, the da xiao jie waiting for pple to serve, sat there and tend to the table.
1 auntie walked past and asked "有没有人坐的?"
So naturally, I replied "有人坐"
Then the auntie asked again in a gl tone "then 人在哪里?"

*ta dah*

she sparked the sarcasm in me and without with thinking I said very loudly "去买东西啦!"

I think she didn't expect me to reply her so she was qt stunned when I made the remark. Realising that she asked a stupid question, she became paiseh and quickly walked off.

Incident 2
Place:the coffee shop behind my house
Time: Dinner time
What happened: This time, I'm having zi char at the kopitiam with my family of 6. We ordered 4 dishes, tofu, veg, meat and fish.
So after waited for a while, the first dish, tofu, came together with the rice.

*Eat eat*

after about 10min, the veg came

*Eat eat*

Nothing came after 10min the veg came..

*ta dah*

I was qt pissed off already.. I saw the lady who took our ordered clearing the table next to ours and I called her to come over.
I said "小姐,你要我们吃菜跟豆腐而已阿?"

She peer down at our table and had this paiseh smile. So she immediately put down the dirty dishes on the next table and hurried to the kitchen. Within 1 min, she turned up with the rest of our food.

I think my remark stunned everyone at the table cos bf was staring at me like saying "wow, did u just say that?"

oh well, don't pissed me off when I'm having pms.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm guilty of not updating my blog as frequent as before.
And since Miss Hong left a request, ahem.. i shall fulfill her request and do an entry.

It's 2010!!!!

I know it's very lag of me to be exclaiming about the new year, but can u believe it??? it's been a decade(why can't we just say 10yrs and have to invent a word specially for it?) since the start of the millenium!!! remember 10yrs ago, I was just a little sec 2 girl, all excited about the Millenium concert at the Indoor stadium. (I can still remember how the Ngee Ann CO instructor was scolding his orchestra... damn throw face cos all the people were watching them..)

And so, with the start of 2010, we began a chain of celebrations...
Firstly, my bdae. *woohoo*
It was spent in a luxurious hotel in Vancouver. Dear booked a suite and there's rooms in the suite!!! There's a living room with a huge flat screen TV with superb sound system n DVD player. Did I mention there's a 3seater and 2 seater sofa too? Then there's the dining area with a nice round table and a few chairs.. when i say a few i mean like 5 or 6... then there's the KITCHEN!!!! YES there's a kitchen!! and there's pretty china wares and glasses in the cupboard for us to use. So cool rite! There's also a fridge in the kitchen for us to store our haagen dazs ice cream. Strawberry cheesecake and Banana split are great flavours!!! too bad we don't see them ard in supermarkets. If u see them, let me know k??
And of cos most imptly, there's a bedroom with a huge bed! U see, a huge bed is really impt to us because Dear likes to snatch the blanket while i like to play a set of taji in my sleep. Hence to minimise injuries and colds, we have been getting either 2 double beds or 1 kind size bed throughout our trip. Forget what others say about sharing a small bed and be cosy or wat. A good night sleep is more impt.
And since it's my bdae, of cos there's more to it... ask me when u see me!

And last week, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary with a simple dinner at Seah Im food centre... a bit disappointed we couldnt have duck porridge cos it's sold out. I think the porridge taste must better than the rice. Nvm dear, we can go back soon!
And we went to the top of vivo and sat there for about 1hr, looking at the progress of IR, talking about work n sch n the couples ard us (some really behave as if there's no one ard) and we concluded the day with shanghai red bean pancake at food republic! We love it!! But I love it first! Then I intro to Dear n now he likes it too =) not forgetting the dao xiao mian which moo moo intro to me.

ok v tired alr.. shall cont another day... gg to finish my 3rd Harry Potter book!

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Have been rather lazy to update on my A&E story...

Well, in the end I spent 5 hours in A&E.
The doctors poked 3 holes, 1 for the drip(which they didn't drip in the end), 2 for blood tests(cos the doc says my vein too fine on my right side...diaoz.. she should have looked at my left hand b4 she poke my right right?)

Saw this uncle, in his fiftie, who was in involved in a lorry accident. The nurse ask him
"Uncle, are you hurt?"

The uncle nodded and told the nurse there's some abrasion on his inner thighs.
And before we know it, he was unzipping his pants, eager to show the nurse the abrasion.

"No Uncle!!! U don't take off your pants here!! Everyone can see.. nono put it on!"

HAHAHA and my bed is adjacent to his bed... so I can see everything! Everything I mean his underwear la..the nurse managed to stop him in time.. gosh! so paiseh...

And another drama was at about 4pm, I was very hungry cos I only had a slice of bread since morning and did not have lunch. So I asked the nurse for some food, and the nurse ask me do I want porridge or bread.
And this weird India guy (he's Singaporean btw.. he kept emphasizing he's not from Bangladesh) he immediate jump off his bed and shouted at the nurse

"Why you ask her porridge or bread? I come in for so long you didn't even give me milo? huh huh? I singaporean u know? Not foregin worker like u....$#%#%^^%$#"

So for my safety, the doctor got a nurse to wheel me out for my x-ray while they try to settle that guy.
Acc to the nurse, that Indian guy comes to A&E EVERYDAY.
So all of them know his pattern alr..
Waste govt money hor...
And very sadly, I overheard him telling those nurses who are from Philippines this
"I know who you are. You are from Philippines, you are a maid. My brother has a maid too... Every sunday off, then I bring u for lunch la.."

Haiz... they are here to help us with the shortage of nurses, dont have to be so crude to them right? So what if u're Singaporean? Your behaviour makes me feel ashame to be one...

And so it's been almost 1 wk since that unfateful day... I'm well and kicking! (actually can't really kick la) But I can't wear heels for the coming 2 wks cos need to let my ankle heel, just in time for my holiday...

Hope everything will go on fine for me~
And for everyone too~


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